GAVN Microfinance Ltd.

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Mission Alliance and Strømme Foundation, through their microfinance subsidiaries Alliance Microfinance AS
and Stromme Microfinance AS are Norway's largest private players in microfinance. Through more than 20
years of microfinance operations on three continents in the South, we have gained a unique understanding of
microfinance as a tool to help people out of poverty.

Long and broad experience, local presence in the countries in which we operate and the high focus of social
return has given us a leading position in the Norwegian context.

In 2011 Alliance Microfinance AS and Stromme Microfinance AS established a joint company, GAVN
Microfinance AS. GAVN Microfinance AS provides Norwegian investors a platform for social investments in

GAVN Microfinance AS was established to put money to work so that poor people can work themselves
and their families out of poverty and towards a better life.


Svein Arne Lende Chief Executive Officer
Hugh Sinclair Chief Operational Officer, Board member